About Phoebe Rose Coffee Roaster

Outside View of Phoebe Rose Coffee Roaster

We are a coffee roastery based in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand, we have a story as unique as the beans we carefully roast. At Phoebe Rose, coffee is not just a beverage, we believe each cup of coffee tells a story, and we’re here to share that story with you. 


We started roasting on site here in April 2019, with the ‘Phoebe Rose’ brand being born around the start of 2020.

Initially, we were negotiating with a cafe operator to open a unique ‘industrial look’ cafe in our building. To support this venture, we invested in a roaster and worked closely with the operator to develop the perfect blend and roast profiles for their desired taste. As things progressed, we started supplying the roasted beans to their other cafes, and everything seemed to be falling into place. 

However, like a lot of businesses, due to the unforeseen impact of Covid-19 our progress came to an abrupt and terminal end. We had successfully sorted the roaster, bean origins, blend ratio and roast profiles. However, we faced a significant challenge - nowhere for our beans to go. 

We couldn't let our efforts go to waste when everything was already in place. We loved and enjoyed the product we had created. 

 We are really what you could call ‘accidental’ coffee roasters. We embraced our accidental journey as coffee roasters and continued to grow from there. Its been an adventure filled with determination and genuine appreciation and love for the craft.



We want to share our love of our coffee beans with you, whether you're a coffee lover or just starting to discover the wonders of this delicious drink. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the joy of a great cup of coffee.