About Us

Phoebe Rose Coffee, we had the roaster, we began the hunt began for the right person to develop and grow our roasting business.


Janet seemed the perfect fit. Janet's skills and enthusiasm as a barista blended with  experience in the coffee industry was the mix we were looking for.


"Im a explorer and entertainer, and love the energy the cafe brings, meeting so many different people and creating the coffee they love...
During my years of being a barista, I really learned to appreciate coffee, testing the flavour, developing my coffee taste buds, before long I had tried all the ways you can enjoy coffee
With my curiosity piqued about the many flavours and the how the origins of the beans would influence the blend, I started working on different blends mixing the subtle notes to find a mix of coffee blends I hope you  will enjoy.
My role as a coffee roaster has given me opportunity to try different ways for blending and roasting, listening and learning to be able to embrace change and adjust to suit what my customers are looking for in the perfect cup of coffee
I look forward to delivering to you coffee you will love!"


The Team behind Phoebe Rose Coffee

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